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Cosmetic grade Tranexamic Acid

Trade nameTraxmicTM 

INCI NAMETranexamic Acid

Molecular formula: C8H15NO2

Molecular weight: 157.21


Quality standard: CP2010/BP/EP/ JP/USP

Character: White crystalline powder, almost tasteless

Solubility: Easily soluble in water

Application in the field of cosmetic:

Our company specializes in producing high quality Tranexamic acid raw materials. The products conform to CP2010, USP42, BP2019, JP17, EP9.0 Pharmacopoeia standards and are manufactured according to GMP standards.

Worldwide, whitening is a very important research area in cosmetics. Traditional whitening agents basically inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in melanosomes to reduce the production of melanin, using alone, they can only partly cut off but unable to achieve a complete block of melanin production and accumulation. In Beauty industry, the needle injection method is applied and the active ingredients used in this method are L-glutathione, Tranexamic acid and L-vitamin C. According to the latest research that shows Tranexamic acid is compatible with glutathione and modified vitamin C, and it is save to be included in skin care products to be directly applied to the skin as whitenings, which is convenient and accurate.

Function Principle

The whitening mechanism of Tranexamic acid is to simultaneously and rapidly inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and melanocytes, and to prevent aggregation of melanin, as well as to block the process of melanin deterioration due to ultraviolet irradiation. 

Tranexamic acid is a protease inhibitor that inhibits the catalysis of proteases on peptide bond hydrolysis, thereby preventing the activity of enzymes such as inflammatory proteases, and stoping the disorder of epidermal cell functioning in the dark spot and restraining melanin enhancing factor group, in order to completely cutting off the process which melanin formed by way of ultraviolet irradiation.The dark spots are no longer thickened, enlarged and increased, so that the pigmentation of the skin can be effectively prevented and improved.

Tranexamic acid has a fourfold whitening mechanism:

1.Rapidly inhibits the activity of tyrosinase and melanocytes while blocking melanin aggregation.

2.Effectively slow the accumulation of inflammation-induced melanin in the deep skin.

3.Effectively prevent the secondary oxidation of melanin.

4.Effectively reduce the precipitated melanin and promote the separation of the produced melanin.

Formulation advantage:

1.Highly water soluble, easily soluble in water, colorless, odorless, not easily discolored.

2.Good performance with other whitening materials, good stability.

3.High thermal stability and does not deteriorate.

4.Low irritation, no irritation for masks.

5.Fast effect, make skin white and bright within 1-2 weeks, quick effect products.

Adding amount: 3% (recommended ph is 3~9.)

Applicable Products:

Whitening products (creams, essences, masks, etc.)

Blemish products (blemish, freckle cream, etc.)


1kg aluminum per foil bag, 25kg per cardboard drum.



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